Thursday, July 28, 2016

Unique & Dynamic Framing

Framing your precious possessions, mementos and photographs is a specialty of our Frame Shop! 
With Holly's 29 years and Treasure's 22 years we bring over 50 years experience of framing in Spokane. We take great pride in preserving and presenting your valuable art and artifacts with the very finest materials and with our design aesthetics, competitive pricing and experience, we are confident that you will be pleased with the outcome!  

Sports memorabilia: is ideal for the shadow box presentation.
Here, Treasure has included a selection of a local Spokane athletes mementos of his football career at the University of Montana, we have many examples of this approach of enshrining ones precious sporting mementos for display.

Athletic memento shadow box.

Personal mementos from a clients collage days 

Family Treasures Shadow Boxed for Display:
Historical uniforms, wedding dresses and family heirlooms lend themselves ideally for the shadowbox display.

Family Treasures are ideal for the shadowbox

Found Objects and Artifacts:
Shown here are found artifacts from a clients lake cabin that brought a historical story to his upbringing at that location, fondly recollected from a lifetime of family outings.

Found artifacts
What kind of Treasures do you have ?
You may also have numerous collectibles that have been hiding in a box in the basement or attic, maybe it's time to bring them into the light of day and and appreciate the unique qualities of your artifacts, collectibles or mementos.  

Framing with Custom Etched Glass:
A unique approach to a personalized touch, and nice design sense for an added dimensional quality, you can make out the soft white waves etched into the glass in the upper right hand corner.
Poster and tickets with custom etched glass

Again, a closer look at the photo below will illustrate the etched glass in the lighter color creating a neat sense of depth in the finished piece.

Custom etched glass 

Custom Hand Painted Mattes:
Here's a nice example of how we can personalize your print into a one of a kind work of art, matching the colors in the art, we extended the composition to enlarge the presentation and again creating more levels of depth.

custom painted matte

Custom painted matte in progress.

Custom painted matte in progress

Building substantial Custom Frames:
When using a single frame molding isn't quite enough to capture the dynamics of the art that your framing, we specialize in building through "stacking" numerous molding to build dynamic big deep framing presentation.

Three stacked moldings

Pictured below is the finished piece, a Linda Besse original with the dynamic stacked, multi-level frame with brass title plaque.

The framed Linda Besse original

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