Friday, November 21, 2014

Rare & Collectible Print Sale

We are excited to announce our huge
 Collector's Sale of Rare and Collectible Limited Edition Prints.
We have been fortunate enough to have many of our clients engage us to market their collections of art for resale.

This is a huge opportunity to those who are collectors of artists like Doolittle, Kinkade, Brenders, Lyman, Bateman, Frace', Gustafson, Daly, Gerhman, Frederick, Isaac, and many others.
For a limited time we are featuring these sought after art works at great prices.  Many of these prints are framed and many are unframed mint paper prints ready for framing. We also have several limited edition pieces on canvas.
Here are a few pieces by these artists, we urge you to stop by the gallery to see what is available -  as the number of works is to large to list, and we are finding new homes for these works daily.

Robert Bateman:
Arctic Cliff - White Wolves

Stephan Lyman:
Stephen Lyman Thunderbolt

Carl Brender:
Family Tree

Bev Doolittle:
Sacred Ground

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