Monday, April 1, 2013

A New Frame for an Old Picture!

Redecorating? Have you changed the colors and fabrics in your interior? Then perhaps it's a good time to consider a new frame and mat to dress up that art work, old family photos, precious documents or mirrors.
Holly can bring new life to existing framed works, or create a beautiful framed presentation for your new treasure.

Holly will guide you through the design process

There are unlimited possibilities to consider and Holly is just the framer to help you create a new stylish, finishing touch.

Hundreds of selections available 

Consider Shadow Box presentations for athletic memorabilia, historical collections or artifacts. 

Shadow Boxes for memorabilia

Do have old historical photos that are damaged or just need a new frame?
Restore and frame historical photos

Holly can have those damaged photos restored, and frame them up to look like new!

New Life for an Old Family Treasure

There are several approaches to framing precious documents and many price points as well.

Frame the Special Documents

Holly brings over 26 years experience to her art of framing , you can trust in her creativity and quality craftsmanship. 

Big or small, we frame it all!

Consult with Holly Swanson,  
Certified Picture Framer, at
Holly's Framing in the Pacific Flyway Gallery...

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